I pull together a unique assemblage of skills, storytelling, graphics, color, composition and vision to create the unconventional, push limits and challenge the narrative. Do you need more wow? A more dynamic presentation that drives your message home? My magic is whatever you need it to be. Let’s talk about your project.


Do you need a fictional tale, a look into the future, a travel article or a comic script? Whether it’s 50 words or 50,000, I can spin a story for you. I excel in the realms of travel, sci-fi/futurism and speculative fiction, but I can write across many genres. Contact me about your project. We’ll talk.


I’ll make your words and ideas sing like you can’t imagine. If you need proofreading for a blog post, editing for your short story, or a structural edit for your manuscript get in touch. Let’s take your writing from good, to great.


If you have a concept that needs a story, a story that needs a plot, or an idea that need a vision, I’m ready to work with you. Concept development is the core of what I do. I will help you develop your idea from concept to execution. Think your concept is strange, or impossible? Let’s turn it into something wonderful.